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LIXIL entra nella “Water Security A List”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 gennaio 2022

Tokyo. LIXIL Corporation (“LIXIL”, codice TSE: 5938), produttore di sistemi pionieristici nei settori idrico e residenziale, è entrato nella prestigiosa “Water Security A List 2021” realizzata da CDP, l’organizzazione globale non-profit che gestisce la principale piattaforma mondiale per il monitoraggio delle performance aziendali e del loro impatto sull’ambiente nella lotta al cambiamento climatico.Con un’attenzione sempre più crescente per la divulgazione dei criteri ESG (acronimo di Environmental Social Governance), ogni anno CDP, in collaborazione con gli investitori istituzionali, raccoglie e analizza i dati forniti dalle aziende più importanti a livello mondiale sui rischi e le opportunità di business legati al cambiamento climatico, alle risorse idriche e alla conservazione delle foreste e pubblica i risultati. In particolare, CDP conduce indagini sulla gestione delle risorse idriche per valutare le attività delle aziende per la conservazione dell’acqua nelle loro attività economiche – sia produttive che servizi – così come le misure per affrontare i problemi sanitari globali. Quest’anno LIXIL è tra le 118 aziende mondiali (39 delle quali giapponesi) selezionate per la “Water Security A List 2021”.La “Environmental Vision 2050” di LIXIL è stata creata per raggiungere l’obiettivo “Zero Carbon and Circular Living” e ridurre al minimo l’impatto ambientale dei prodotti e delle operazioni del brand a livello globale, inclusa un’ampia gamma di azioni per la sostenibilità idrica. Inoltre, le attività intraprese con l’obiettivo di mitigare e adattarsi al cambiamento climatico hanno permesso a LIXIL di ottenere la valutazione di categoria “A” da parte di CDP.

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A holiday gift with impact: crowdfunding solar-powered water access in Africa

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 dicembre 2020

Rome. This holiday season, some of the world’s poorest families in Somalia and Malawi look set to access water through innovative solar energy products financed through a crowdfunding project set up by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Through this pilot project, IFAD has invested in training NGOs, who currently work with them in Africa, to raise funds through crowdfunding to bring solar-powered irrigation to Malawi, and purified water to Somalia. In Somalia, only 30 per cent of people have access to clean water, leaving them vulnerable to life-threating diseases. Through this crowdfunding campaign, 2,400 Somalis could access clean water and energy through a OffGridBox – a mobile solar system that purifies water and distributes energy with no environmental impact. In Malawi, food insecurity is a major issue with over 3 million people requiring food aid this year, and with more than a third of children under five chronically malnourished. Farmers are at the mercy of unreliable weather and battle to produce enough food. With donations from crowdfunding, a solar irrigation system will provide water for 30 farming families, enabling them to supply food to 12 surrounding villages. The families will be trained to use and maintain the system.Crowdfunding emerged after the 2008 financial crisis. When entrepreneurs faced difficulties in raising funds, they turned to the internet to access pooled donations from multiple individuals. In 2017, US$65 billion was raised on global crowdfunding platforms and there is a growing trend to use crowdfunding to mobilise finance in developing countries. The World Bank has estimated that by contributing small amounts, households in developing countries could deploy up to $96 billion a year in crowdfunding investments by 2025.IFAD’s crowdfunding campaign will run until 15 January.

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MEPs approve deal on tap water and demand that EU water legislation be respected

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 dicembre 2020

The agreement with member states on the drinking water directive was approved with 73 votes to 2 and 5 abstentions. The new rules will improve the quality of tap water by tightening the maximum limits for certain pollutants such as lead and harmful bacteria. They also aim to cut plastic litter by encouraging the use of tap water. This could be done by providing water free of charge in public buildings or for a low service fee, and to customers in restaurants, canteens, and catering services.The Committee also adopted a resolution on the implementation of EU water legislation with 68 votes to 2 and 10 abstentions.While MEPs agree with the Commission’s assessment that the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is fit for purpose and should not be revised, they strongly regret that half of the bodies of water in the EU are still not in good condition and that the objectives of the WFD have not yet been reached. This is mainly due to inadequate funding, particularly slow implementation, and insufficient enforcement. The precautionary and polluter-pays principles are not being implemented properly, and many member states are using exemptions too broadly, they say.The resolution underlines that the WFD objectives need to be better integrated into sectoral policies, particularly in agriculture, transport and energy in order to be fully compliant with the WFD and for all surface and ground waters to achieve ‘good status’ by 2027 at the latest.MEPs urge member states to reduce the use of fertiliser and pesticides and call for such targets to be integrated and implemented in the national Strategic Plans under the EU’s farm policy. Additional action regarding chemicals and pollutants, water pricing policies, hydropower and urban wastewater treatment is needed, they say. The plenary will vote on the deal on the drinking water directive and on the resolution on the implementation of the EU water legislation during its 14 – 17 December session.

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Energy for water sustainability

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 ottobre 2020

Webinar 21 ottobre 2020 11.00-13.00. Il cambiamento climatico ha un impatto crescente sulla disponibilità della risorsa idrica e sul settore elettrico; per indagare le connessioni tra questi elementi, Enel Foundation e Althesys hanno condotto lo studio congiunto “Energy for water sustainability”. Si tratta del primo lavoro in Italia nel quale si affronta il tema in modo organico, con l’obiettivo di formulare alcune proposte di policy volte a favorire misure e investimenti per raccogliere, gestire e utilizzare al meglio l’acqua. Scopo ultimo è disegnare una strategia nazionale di water supply security, proponendo una serie di soluzioni che il settore elettrico può offrire per preservare questa risorsa, ottimizzandone gli usi plurimi e riducendo al contempo gli effetti sul territorio.

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Drinking Water for the Maasai in the steppe of Tanzania

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 marzo 2020

Together with nine other European project partners, Phaesun is developing innovative desalination systems based on electrodialysis technology as part of the EU development and innovation project REvivED Water.
In February 2020, a pilot plant was installed at a saline well in the Tanzanian Maasai village of Ndedo and supplies the population with 2000 litres of drinking water per day.The plants are complete systems in which the water is cleaned of dirt particles, bacteria and viruses in a preliminary stage and treated with self-generated chlorine in a post-treatment stage for sterile storage in a water tank. The core of the system is based on the membrane process of electrodialysis. In contrast to conventional desalination technologies (thermal or reverse osmosis), electrodialysis is particularly low-maintenance and is well suited for solar power supply due to its low energy consumption. Thus, a completely self-sufficient system could be developed, which does not require any additional infrastructure or power supply.
Florian Martini, project engineer at Phaesun, carried out the installations in Tanzania. “It was wonderful to see how modern technology fits into the traditional way of life of the Maasai,” says Martini. “A great advantage is that, unlike other desalination technologies, no waste products are produced and no diesel is needed to operate the systems. The clean water is highly appreciated!” The contact to the Maasai village came about through the MissionEineWelt of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. Eberhard Westhauser from MissionEine Welt has maintained close contacts with the Maasai people in the steppes of Tanzania since many years and supports water supply projects in this region. He reports: “When it rains enough, large catchment basins ensure a sufficient water supply for the Maasai and their herds of cattle until the dry season. However, the groundwater is salty and due to prolonged dry periods in recent years, the Maasai have had to resort more and more often to salty groundwater.”
The plant in Ndedo is the seventh system installed within the REvivED Water project. The previous pilot plants supply schools, temples and private households in East Africa and India with drinking water. With the plant in Ndedo, a water kiosk model is implemented for the first time. The village inhabitants pay for the water a small fee, so that a local watchman can be paid to operate the plant. Through this model, the plant is maintained on site in an exemplary manner and operation is ensured in the long term. Phaesun tracks the performance of the plant by modem via a remote monitoring and control system and can change settings on the system, for example if the salinity of the groundwater fluctuates.The REvivED Water project runs until May 2020, then Phaesun will offer the desalination system in its product portfolio.

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The Scaners “X Ray Glasses” Dirty Water Records

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 ottobre 2019

posted in Live Eye TV. Look for French punks The Scaners to crash land their psychedelic space ship on the West Coast of the United States this coming November. The band’s first-ever visit will feature two nights in the Seattle area including a stop at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila and the Freakout Festival in Ballard. The Scaners will also be joining The Briefs for a few dates on their European tour this coming December. You can find a list of the upcoming shows after the video embed below.Additionally, the band follows-up on their 2019 LP II (Dirty Water Records/Adrenalin Fix Music) with a new 7″ featuring a little nugget off the “II” long-player called “X Ray Glasses: On.” An exact release date is yet to be announced but it is expected out in December via a consortium of labels including Adrenalin Fix Music, Dangerhouse Skylab, Spaghetty Town Records, and Ghost Highway Recordings. Below, you can watch the band’s video for “X Ray Glasses: On” directed by Hugo “Frogy” Reymond.Had your fill of news from The Scaners? I doubt it! The group will also be included on a French tribute album for The Fall. Put together by the label Teenage Hate Records, the compilation is due out November 15th. The Scaners will cover the track “Sparta FC,” and the cut features Xanthos Papanikolaou from Bazooka.

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Illinois American Water Offering “Imagine a Day Without Water”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 settembre 2019

Illinois American Water is asking Illinois teachers to bring art and science together through the company’s “Imagine a Day Without Water” student art contest. The contest is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms within the Company’s service area.This art contest is being offered in conjunction with the Value of Water Coalition’s “Imagine a Day Without Water” event. All across the nation, events and activities will take place to highlight the important, and often taken for granted, role drinking water plays.Winning students will win their classroom a $100 donation. Artwork may also be featured in a future bill insert and other Illinois American Water communication pieces.Participation in the “Imagine a Day Without Water” art contest is easy. Students are asked to draw a picture and write one sentence that describes what water service and a day without water means to them. Teachers can find instructions and materials online at, in the “Learning Center” area of the site. Learn more about “Imagine a Day Without Water” here Last year’s winning artwork can be viewed on Illinois American Water’s Facebook page. By submitting an entry the student, teacher and school are agreeing to have the submission, including identification information like name, school, etc. to be used in Illinois American Water materials. All entries should be sent to External Affairs Manager, Karen Cotton, at 7500 North Harker Drive, Peoria, Illinois 61615 by Oct. 4, 2019.

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Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 settembre 2019

Indiana American Water, a subsidiary of American Water Company (NYSE: AWK), today announced it has received the J.D. Power award for ranking highest in customer satisfaction among water utilities in the Midwest according to the J.D. Power 2019 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM.The Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study, now in its fourth year, measures satisfaction among residential customers of 89 water utilities that deliver water to at least 400,000 customers and is reported in four geographic regions: Midwest, Northeast, South and West. Overall satisfaction is measured by examining 33 attributes in six factors (listed in order of importance): delivery; price; conservation; billing and payment; communications; and customer service.“Our employees are truly customer obsessed,” said Indiana American Water President Matt Prine. “They work hard to deliver exceptional service and water quality each and every day to all of our customers across the state. I am proud of the work they do and the commitment we have to customer satisfaction. Thank you to our customers for their rating of our team.”According to a J.D. Power news release on the study, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that $473 billion in drinking water infrastructure investment will be needed during the next 20 years as aging pipes and treatment and storage facilities require upgrades and replacement. They also noted that, the ability of water utilities to successfully manage that process will increasingly be determined by how well they communicate with customers while also minimizing service interruptions and quality issues. According to Prine, “Indiana American Water has invested more than $870 million in its water and wastewater infrastructure during the last decade to maintain and enhance service, water quality, system reliability and fire protection capabilities for customers while keeping the cost of water service for most households their most affordable utility bill at about a penny per gallon.

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American Water CEO Susan Story Set to Participate in S&P Global ESG Evaluation Launch Event

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 aprile 2019

American Water (NYSE: AWK), the nation’s largest publicly-traded water and wastewater utility company, announced President and Chief Executive Officer Susan Story will participate in the launch of the S&P Global Ratings Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG) Evaluation Launch Event on April 11 in New York City.
Later today, Story will participate in a panel discussion – “A CEO Perspective: Why ESG Matters?” facilitated by Doug Peterson, President & CEO, S&P Global. “We’re a purpose driven company, our values define not just what we do but who we are. More and more, employees, customers and investors seek to align themselves and invest with companies that are actively committed to the betterment of society, making a positive impact to communities, are fully transparent and offer opportunities to get involved and give back,” said Story.The ESG Evaluation is the sum of a company’s ESG profile plus its long-term preparedness to adapt to the ESG environment, identified through a thorough assessment process. The ESG profile factors include: Environmental – greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution, water use and land use; Social – workforce diversity; safety management, customer engagement and communities; and Governance – structure and oversight, code and values, transparency reporting and cyber risk programs.The company was recently ranked number 23 on Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies list; the highest ranked utility. Also, American Water was one of 230 companies selected for the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) which distinguishes companies committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality.

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Banyan Water Launches Cooling Tower Integration for its Total Water Management Platform

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 dicembre 2018

Banyan Water, the leading provider of data-driven water conservation for the built environment, announced today the launch of its Cooling Tower Tracker™, a feature within Banyan Water Central—Banyan’s proprietary total water management platform—that enables commercial and industrial properties to measure, analyze and reduce water and energy use in cooling towers. Banyan Water Central leverages IoT technology to collect and visualize indoor and outdoor water usage data for a variety of commercial and industrial properties. With the addition of Cooling Tower Tracker™, facility managers and others can access data such as pH, conductivity, cycles of concentration, water and energy use, as well as cost on a property’s cooling tower in a single, comprehensive dashboard. Cooling Tower Tracker™ saves water by reducing the build-up of calcium and magnesium, which enables cooling towers to utilize significantly less water while increasing cycles of concentration. The tracker also includes automated blowdown features.“Most facility managers don’t have visibility into the operational data of their properties’ total water usage, much less their cooling towers,” said Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan Water. “Cooling towers, however, can account for as much as 40 percent of a property’s total water consumption. With Banyan, facility managers can save 30 to 50 percent of their cooling towers’ water use alone, not to mention the property- and portfolio-wide savings our technology provides for indoor usage and outdoor irrigation. Less intensive water use can also augment total energy savings, creating a combined energy-water nexus advantage for facility managers.” Monthly reports from Banyan Water Central also feature cost savings, makeup and blowdown line usage, and performance analysis, as well as evaporation credit data that can be submitted to municipalities for rebates on monthly water bills.

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Roma Tre: Congress on Water under Extreme conditions

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 giugno 2017

Roma Mercoledì 14 Giugno 2017, ore 9:00 / 16 Giugno 2017 Aula Magna del Rettorato Via Ostiense 129. Questo congresso ha lo scopo di discutere lo stato dell’arte nel campo della ricerca sull’acqua in condizioni estreme di temperatura e pressione e di individuare nuove strategie per la maggiore comprensione dei fenomeni. Gli argomenti trattati includono l’acqua sotto raffreddata, vale a dire tenuta in fase liquida sotto il punto di congelamento, l’acqua supercritica nella zona di pressione e temperatura sopra il punto critico, le soluzioni acquose, l’acqua confinata e l’acqua alle interfacce. Sono tutte situazioni, il cui studio rappresenta una forte sfida per le tecniche sperimentali, gli approcci teorici e la simulazione numerica. D’altra parte questi studi sono di grande rilevanza in quanto l’acqua è il composto più importante in natura ed è caratterizzato da un diagramma di fase molto complesso con un gran numero di diverse strutture solide. Esso mostra molte anomalie in tutto lo spazio termodinamico. La comprensione del comportamento dell’acqua, nella sua fase pura e/o in contatto con substrati e/o in soluzioni con materiali inorganici o biologici, è di fondamentale importanza per una vasta gamma di applicazioni in fisica, chimica e biochimica. A questo congresso prenderanno parte alcuni fra i più importanti studiosi della fenomenologia dell’acqua provenienti da vari paesi del mondo. Oltre a una trentina di invited talk, avremo anche short talk e poster con un totale di circa settanta partecipanti. Scopo del congresso è di indentificare nuove strategie per il progresso in questo campo, con attenzione in particolare alle sfide legate allo sviluppo di tecniche computazionali avanzate. Questo congresso appartiene a una serie di incontri che Paola Gallo e Mauro Rovere hanno organizzato ogni due anni a partire dal 2009. L’ultima edizione nel 2015 si è svolta già a Roma Tre.

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Water in a sustainable future: 11th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 giugno 2016

conferenceThe 11th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network met at the Culture Centre Sofia in Helsinki from 11 to 15 June. More than 80 delegates from 23 countries from all regions of Europe gathered for a time of prayer, discussion, and networking.The Assembly took place shortly after the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. The theme—“Water in a sustainable future”—was developed around the relationship between climate change, the water cycle, and efforts for sustainable development. The Assembly offered a venue for sharing and strengthening cooperation, and to further encourage the churches’ work in the post-Paris era. Presentations addressed the theme from scientific, policy, and theological perspectives. An opening presentation from the Rt Rev. Graham Usher, Bishop of Dudley (Church of England) underscored the biblical and sacramental importance of water in the Christian tradition. The conference also gave the experts gathered an opportunity to discuss church action on climate change with church leaders from Finland. Throughout the assembly there was strong cooperation with the churches in Finland, including in keynote presentations from Archbishop Kari Mäkinen (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland) and Bishop Irja Askola, Bishop of Helsinki (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland). Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki (Orthodox Church of Finland) took a special interest in the group. He offered special greetings to ECEN delegates during the liturgy at Uspenski Cathedral on Sunday, offered morning prayers at Sofia, and participated in the assembly proceedings with a keynote presentation. Helsinki Cathedral (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland) and St. Henry’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic) in Helsinki also warmly received visits from ECEN delegates during their morning worship services.At the close of the Assembly, the delegates approved a statement emphasising the theological and biblical imperative to work for water justice, and a call to action for individuals and churches. For the full text of the statement, please click here. A number of delegates came from ecumenical youth organisations and ECEN made a commitment to enhance youth participation in the network leading to its next assembly. For a complete programme and list of speakers, please click here.The European Christian Environmental Network is a network of the Conference of European Churches promoting cooperation in caring for creation. For more about ECEN, please click here. For daily updates from the Assembly, please visit the CEC website. (photo: conference)

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Update Event in Brussels: System for Inspecting Materials and Products with Contact to Drinking Water

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 aprile 2016

acqua-fresca4During the past two decades as well as during the ongoing process of evaluating the Drinking Water Directive, quality assurance for products and materials used in the drinking water sector has been targeted again and again as these products are closely linked to consumer health protection. The affected industry and regulatory bodies already spoke out for uniform implementation of Article 10 of the Drinking Water Directive from 1998 at an event for the associations EurEau, the European Copper Institute, Plastics Europe and Aqua Europa in 2015. On the 12th of May of this year, the current state of the various initiatives for enforcing a European solution will be presented in addition to a new study by the “Environment” Directorate-General of the European Commission at a follow-up event in Brussels. Article 10 of the Drinking Water Directive demands that member states guarantee the hygienic safety of materials and products that come into contact with drinking water. However, appropriate consensus and implementation at the European level also require a common agreement concerning their free market access. Until now, there has not been any legislative framework whatsoever which takes both of these aspects into account. In light of this, a group of European associations – the European Union of National Associations of Water Suppliers (EurEau), Plastics Europe as well as Aqua Europa as an association for the manufacturers of products in the drinking water sector and the European Copper Institute (ECI) – discussed possible solutions together with the industry and both national and EU regulatory authorities at a relevant session in May 2015. There, it became clear that the necessity for all parties to pursue a common path enjoys a high level of priority. The discussion was continued throughout the year, which resulted in improved mutual understanding for the needs of the others and a clear catalogue of requirements. This, in turn, now serves as a starting point for the EU Commission’s other activities.Progress was made but the goal has not yet been reached. In the planned update event in Brussels, the intention is to continue the dialogue more rigorously and find goal-oriented solutions.
The German Copper Institute (Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e.V.) has assumed the task of administrative support again for the event in 2016. For many years, the German Copper Institute has been responsible for the tasks in the drinking water sector at the request of the European Copper Institute (ECI) and the European semi-finished copper industry and also represents this important sector accordingly while also taking all involved parties into consideration.It is still possible to register for the one-day event until 4 May 2016.

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“Water, energy, land and food security. The challenge of large-scale land acquisitions”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 dicembre 2014

carnevale venezia2Venice Wednesday 10th December 2014 at 2 IUAV University of Venice, Room Tafuri, Palazzo Badoer, San Polo 2468 Venezia
The seminar will address the issue of data availability and transparency in global land acquisitions with contributions from Martin Ostermeier (Hamburg, GIGA),“The Land Matrix – Patterns and Challenges of Tracking Large-Scale Land Acquisitions”
Stefania Bracco (University of Siena)“Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa: Exploring Actors, Roles and Responsibilities”

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Ground-breaking UK study points to future of water management worldwide

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 settembre 2014

london-centralLondon: As World Water Week 2014 convenes in Stockholm today, the Environment Agency and the Water Footprint Network launched the results of a pioneering new study of water use in a densely populated region of the UK; the Hertfordshire and North London (HNL) Area . The findings of the study signal a breakthrough in water management that can be applied worldwide .The study, entitled ‘Water Footprint Assessment for the Hertfordshire and North London Area’, was initiated by the Environment Agency to improve their understanding of the problem of water scarcity and pollution. Availability and pollution of water resources has become a key concern for the Environment Agency, and for governments and businesses worldwide as population growth, changing lifestyle patterns, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, as well as climate change, place unprecedented pressure on limited water supplies.“The Water Footprint Assessment brought new understanding of the local water resources under the existing regulations and could support joined water abstraction and water quality discharge consents. The results of this assessment can also be used for better communication of the issues of water scarcity and water pollution levels to water providers, water users and the public,” said Debbie Jones, Environment Manager (HNL East), Environment Agency.Integrating water scarcity and poor water quality through Water Footprint Assessment highlights the contribution of water management to these growing concerns.“By looking at water use in this specific area through the lens of a Water Footprint Assessment, we have unearthed an effective, new and innovative approach to tackling water problems that can be applied worldwide. We have a breakthrough on our hands that can revolutionise the way water is managed and regulated so that global demand is met in a sustainable way,” said Ruth Mathews, Executive Director, Water Footprint Network.The results reveal a more robust framework based on Water Footprint Assessment that could form the basis of future regulations.“We hope this inspires regulatory agencies worldwide to reconsider their approach to assessing how water uses contribute to the ever-increasing issue of water scarcity and recognize the value of regulations based on the grey water footprint in stemming the rapid decline in water quality faced in many river basins,” added Mathews.The Water Footprint Network is an international, non-profit foundation that promotes and inspires strategic action towards sustainable, efficient and equitable water use worldwide.

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Danza: Water

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 ottobre 2010

Grosseto  21 ottobre 2010 – ore 21.00 – Teatro degli Industri  Water, l’ultima produzione della Compagnia di danza Gruppo E-Motion, coreografia e regia di Francesca La Cava e le musiche di Angelo Valori, è stata presentata ufficialmente il lo scorso 21 luglio al Festival di Vignale danza in Piemonte dove il direttore Artistico e coreografa, Francesca La Cava, ha ricevuto il prestigioso Premio Vignale Danza 2010 riservato alle eccellenze della danza italiana.  Quest’ultima produzione concentra l’attenzione su un argomento che negli ultimi tempi ha destato attenzione ed interesse: l’acqua è un bene di tutti e tale deve rimanere. Da questa idea nasce la nuova coreografia di Francesca La Cava che in cinque quadri ha raccontato e descritto le varie fasi da quella ludica a quella tragica del diluvio universale, fino ad arrivare ad un mondo disperato senza acqua. L’ultimo quadro, quello del ritorno alla vita, con l’acqua e la gioia trasportate da secchi contenenti abiti da sposa: sposa bagnata sposa fortunata che dona un momento di speranza e di ritrovata gioia dopo un percorso carico di pathos. Lo spettacolo chiede alle bravissime giovani danzatrici e al loro partner una performance recitativa oltre che coreutica dando così corpo ad un’armonica fusione di movimento, gesto e parola che conferiscono allo spettacolo una tensione espressiva insolita e fortemente coinvolgente. I vari elementi dello spettacolo vengono splendidamente collegati ed efficacemente sottolineati dalla presenza in scena della stessa regista e coreografa Francesca La Cava.  musica originale Angelo Valori  interpreti Stefania Bucci, Annalisa Celentano, Flaminio Galluzzo, Francesca La Cava, Teresa Marcaida. Produzione: E-motion Gruppo Phoenix, progetto “Febbrile agitazione 1” con il contributo di Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali e della Regione Abruzzo e con il patrocinio di Comune di L’Aquila e Provincia di L’Aquila.  (Letizia Di Tommaso)

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Silvia Camporesi: Down by the water

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Milano fino al 5/6/2010 Via Medardo Rosso 19 Mi Camera – photography and lens-based arts
a cura di Giulia Zorzi e Flavio Franzoni  -Down by the water- si presenta come il racconto di un percorso che ha per tema l’elaborazione di un’idea – il processo creativo e la realizzazione di un progetto artistico – nell’opera di Silvia Camporesi. Tenendo come punto di riferimento la presenza dell’acqua nei lavori dell’artista, come un grembo da cui nascono le idee, nella sala principale sono esposte a parete cinque isole che raccontano ciascuna un diverso lavoro. Immagini inedite, dettagli, punti di vista differenti di progetti già realizzati, diventano in questa esposizione, a loro volta, opere nuove che svelano aspetti differenti e mettono in luce la creazione del progetto. Tra le isole, due grandi teche in plexiglas accolgono i quaderni dell’artista, divisi tra i quaderni di parole e i quaderni di fotografie e ricerche, a testimonianza del processo creativo. Le immagini in mostra sono tratte da i seguenti progetti: -Un diverso stato'(2003), -Eravamo persone come alberi’ (2010), passando per -Ofelia’ (2004-2010) e -Dance Dance Dance’ (2007). Completano l’esposizione due opere già conosciute al pubblico, una della serie -Ofelia’, esposta su una parete lontana della sala principale, e, al piano inferiore, la proiezione di -Dance Dance Dance’. Una mostra che svela il lato nascosto, piu’ misterioso e segreto, per immergerci nel processo creativo dell’artista. La mostra e’ accompagnata da un workshop di tre giorni dal titolo -Fare arte – creatività e progettualità nella fotografia contemporanea’ da venerdi’ 21 maggio a domenica 23 maggio.
Silvia Camporesi è nata nel 1973 a Forli’, dove vive e lavora. Si e’ laureata in filosofia presso l’Università di Bologna e oggi e’ una delle piu’ apprezzate e originali artiste italiane che privilegiano l’utilizzo del mezzo fotografico. Affianca l’attività artistica all’insegnamento di fotografia e critica dell’immagine presso l’Università di Forli’ e Cesena. (camporesi)

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Caritas aid arriving in Haiti

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Caritas aid is arriving in Port-au-Prince, while rescue attempts still continue for those caught in the rumble after a devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Caritas rescuers pulled three people out of a collapsed building alive as late as Saturday, five days after the earthquake.  In a massive swell of solidarity, Caritas organisations have sent 200,000 blankets, 15,000 tents, water cans and purification tablets, as well as food water and hygiene kits. Twenty trucks of aid arrived in Port-au-Prince on Sunday. Caritas has set up two mobile operating theatres with pre- and post operative care  and provided medicines and fuel. Six mobile clinics are also planned.  An emergency clinic is being flown in from Holland. The Dutch plane also will contain a surgeon, six technical staff for installing water purifying installations and seven water purifying installations. Thirty-four tonnes of aid will be flown into Haiti from Germany on Tuesday. Half will given out in Port-au-Prince and the other half will be distributed in Jacmel, in the south of the country. A ship with 80 containers of food has also arrived.  “The real strength of Caritas is its network of  parishes that gives us direct contact with communities and a point from which we can provide help,” said Alistair Dutton, Humanitarian Director for Caritas Internationalis, who is leading the international coordination of the Caritas aid agencies response from Port-au-Prince. Distribution of aid remains a challenge. Caritas has undertaken small-scale distributions of food, water and hygiene kits.  Aid agencies fear a breakdown in public order in larger distributions as many people have had limited food and water since the earthquake. Last Tuesday’s disaster has left up to three million people in need of help. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake flattened tens of thousands of houses in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas and caused massive damage to infrastructure.  Aid deliveries  were initially hampered when the airport was closed in the aftermath and the port was too damaged to function. Roads are blocked by rubble and earthquake damage to infrastructure means that aid delivery has been slow. Caritas Haiti, Catholic Relief Services (CRS – a Caritas member from the USA) and Caritas Switzerland were already on the ground before the disaster managing development programmes.

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Food & Water Watch

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Washington, D.C. – Food & Water Watch, an international consumer advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., along with representatives of the Latin American network Red VIDA and the Asian organization Focus on the Global South, will be available to speak to the media by telephone on Wednesday, March 11 about their plans to protest the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul. Food & Water Watch, Red VIDA, and Focus on the Global South are members of an international coalition that has come together to defend the human right to water. The World Water Forum, organized and controlled by the World Water Council, will be held in Istanbul on March 16-22.  Food & Water Watch will join a coalition of activists and hold counter events in Istanbul to protest the World Water Forum’s stance on water privatization and to advocate water as a human right. While the World Water Forum has long touted the privatization of municipal water systems as a means of improving the welfare of communities in need, the reality is that water is being used to generate profit rather than to slake the world’s growing thirst. The privatization of municipal water systems has caused conflicts around the world, and communities that have sold their water rights have faced limited access to water, higher tariffs, and poor water quality.Participants: Wenonah Hauter, executive director, Food & Water Watch; Maude Barlow, senior advisor on water to the president of the United Nations General Assembly; Claudia Campero Arena, Red VIDA network; Mary Ann Manahan, Focus on the Global South.

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