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Sierra Wireless to Present at UBS Global TMT Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 dicembre 2019

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), the leading IoT solutions provider that combines devices, network and software to unlock value in the connected economy, today announced its participation in the UBS Global TMT Conference, which will be held Dec. 9 – 11 at the New York Hilton Midtown, New York, NY. Sierra Wireless President & CEO, Kent Thexton, will speak on Monday, Dec. 9th at 1:15 PM ET. Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) is the leading IoT solutions provider that combines devices, network and software to unlock value in the connected economy. Companies globally are adopting IoT to improve operational efficiency, create better customer experiences, improve their business models and create new revenue streams. Whether it is a solution to help a business securely connect edge devices to the cloud, or a software/API solution to help manage processes associated with billions of connected assets, or a platform to extract real-time data to make the best business decisions, Sierra Wireless will work with you to create the right industry-specific solution for your next IoT endeavor. Sierra Wireless has more than 1,300 employees globally and operates R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

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Sierra Wireless Global Connectivity Enables France Télévisions’ Journalists to Broadcast from Around the World

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2019

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW), the leading IoT solutions provider that combines devices, network and software to unlock value in the connected economy, today announced that its smart IoT connectivity solution is enabling global communications for France Télévisions, the main public broadcaster in France, ensuring global connectivity for its broadcast journalists around the world.Previously, reporters had to buy local SIM cards in each country in order to broadcast their TV reports. Sierra Wireless’ smart IoT connectivity solution automatically connects to the best available 2G, 3G, or LTE network in a given region, without the need for installing a local SIM card and configuring the equipment. France Télévisions’ cameras and distribution equipment are always “ready to use” to reliably broadcast news reports from wherever news breaks. France Télévisions can also manage its subscriptions in the cloud, using the AirVantageTM Platform.

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The Wireless Innovation Forum

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 luglio 2019

A non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced the new report Application of Spectrum Sharing Management Technologies in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, led by Mark Gibson of CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM). Additional contributors to the report include representatives from Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), CRC, WISPA and RED Technologies. The was approved by Forum membership and is available publicly here:
“The Forum is very pleased to make public this extensive report on such an important topic in wireless communications right now,” said Bruce Oberlies, President of the Forum and Sr. Director of Advanced Technology in the Products organization of Motorola Solutions. “There is no question that spectrum sharing can and will result in more efficient spectrum utilization, as outlined in the report. The depth of information gathered in this one document will serve as a great resource to those involved in the dynamic spectrum sharing value chain, from regulators to operators.”With wireless operators under constant pressure to expand network capacity and enhance network speed and performance, spectrum sharing management technologies are becoming more common. This report focuses specifically on applications of these technologies in other bands and presents the challenges and benefits of sharing in several bands while taking into consideration a number of factors including types of incumbents in the band, how the bands are used and the nature of usage. Business models for existing shared bands and possible bands in the future are discussed along with key performance indicators to evaluate the sharing arrangements in a band. The intent of the report is to provide better understanding on the bands that might be applicable for sharing and present various sharing approaches (licensed, lightly licensed, unlicensed registered) for these bands.

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Edgewater Wireless Webinar: Why Spectrum Slicing is Critical to WiFi Networks

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 marzo 2019

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. (YFI; TSX.V) (OTCQB: KPIFF), the industry leader in innovative WiFi Multi-Channel Single Radio (MCSR™) technology for residential and commercial markets, will host its next webinar on Thursday, March 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern Time, to present the idea and importance of WiFi spectrum slicing and how Edgewater technology applies spectrum slicing to its WiFi solutions.
Network slicing is increasingly being adopted within the mobile communications environment, as a means to improve service performance and flexibility. Using it’s unique patents, Edgewater Wireless takes Network Slicing a step further with Spectrum Slicing and is already seeing the significant benefits using this approach within the WiFi Spectrum.
WiFi Spectrum Slicing for Critical Data Delivery will be presented by Edgewater Wireless Vice President of Product Eric Smith, who has the rare talent for explaining complex technical concepts in layman’s terms. In last month’s Edgewater webinar, Optimizing Spectrum in Dense Environments, Smith used dodgeball analogies to describe single-channel vs. muli-channel WiFi and the problem of contending with other devices for a WiFi signal. The webinar was well-received and the company fielded several requests for additional online presentations.“The demand for WiFi is increasing dramatically, even in residential settings, which causes high-traffic, high-density conditions. This drastically reduces both signal quality and the ability to identify problems in a timely manner,” said Smith. “‘Slicing’ WiFi enables optimal and simultaneous use of channels in the WiFi spectrum, reducing latency in the delivery of applications such as streaming video and gaming, and clearing spectrum space for essential services like signal testing and security.”

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“Wireless Test Kitchen”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 febbraio 2019

Taking the next step towards a developer-led model for wireless infrastructure, Federated Wireless and Packet today announced a joint “Wireless Test Kitchen” in Boston, MA that allows developers and Enterprises to programmatically build mobile network solutions. The joint lab, which will be available starting in March, combines Federated Wireless’ shared spectrum technology and deep partner network ecosystem with Packet’s automated bare metal edge cloud and DevOps ecosystem to enable Private LTE in a fully cloud-based model.
The “Wireless Test Kitchen,” which is located in Packet’s new Foxborough, MA edge cloud site next to Gillette Stadium, provides a test bed for a range of enterprise wireless use cases including Industrial IoT (IIoT), smart cities, and entertainment. The site can control shared spectrum assets throughout Boston metro, enabling developers, enterprises, research institutions and solution providers to innovate with production ready wireless access in their backyard.The two companies bring a massive ecosystem that includes over 20 OEMs pre-integrated into Federated Wireless’ Spectrum Controller and over 15,000 developers and leading DevOps integrations, such as HashiCorp’s Terraform and Red Hat Ansible, through Packet’s cloud platform.To support the “Wireless Test Kitchen,” as well as to encourage commercial deployments, the two companies have integrated Federated Wireless’ Spectrum Controller into Packet’s bare-metal platform. Packet users can spin up high performance bare metal cloud nodes to support applications, directly connect to Federated Wireless’ Spectrum Controller and offer zero latency access to their private wireless network. Along with Federated Wireless’ OEM partners, the solution dramatically simplifies private mobile network deployment and operations.In addition to bare metal and connectivity resources, customers using the “Wireless Test Kitchen” will be provided expertise from both Federated Wireless and Packet to help design and execute production-grade projects. This Spring, the integration will expand to feature deeper API alignment, allowing developers to innovate on spectrum and connectivity just like with other cloud-based applications.

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WiTricity and Texas Instruments Collaborate on Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Solution

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 novembre 2017

automotiveWiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced it has collaborated with Texas Instruments (TI) to use automotive-grade semiconductor components in WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging systems and reference designs.WiTricity’s industry-leading DRIVE 11 wireless charging system enables drivers to park their electric vehicles (EVs) and be assured of rapid and efficient charging without having to handle charging cables. WiTricity’s TMN™ Controller utilizing TI’s C2000™ real-time control microcontroller (MCU) can enable DRIVE 11-based electric vehicles and charging stations to automatically optimize energy transfer between the source and vehicle in a wide range of real-world operating conditions including parking misalignment, differing vehicle ground clearance and varying battery voltage conditions.”New automotive technologies, such as wireless charging, are entering the market at a rapid pace,” said Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity. “TI has been enabling innovation for decades and working with them to deliver robust WiTricity automotive-grade silicon will give carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers confidence to deploy complete wireless charging solutions. We’re excited to be collaborating with TI to bring our TMN technology to carmakers around the world.”“Convenient charging built to automotive industry standards is a key to growing the adoption of electric vehicles. WiTricity’s wireless charging technology can serve to expand the automotive charging ecosystem,” said Matt Watson, general manager of TI’s C2000 MCU business. “At TI, we are committed to delivering innovations to enable the electrification of vehicles and the rapid evolution toward a greener future.”

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DAIHEN to Supply Wireless Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 novembre 2017

automotiveWiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced that DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission, distribution products and industrial robotics, has secured a license to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) utilizing WiTricity’s patented technology. DAIHEN began shipments of wireless charging systems for industrial materials handling in 2016 after entering into a licensing and technology transfer agreement with WiTricity. DAIHEN will now use WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging system as the reference design for its own line of standards-compliant wireless chargers for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles. As major automotive markets such as India, China, France, Germany and the UK pledge to go all-electric over the next few decades, and with all global carmakers now at work developing vehicles equipped with wireless charging, DAIHEN seeks to leverage its position as a leading supplier of electric power transmission and distribution. WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 reference design will accelerate DAIHEN’s product development and enable it to deliver highly efficient and interoperable wireless charging stations that meet global automotive standards. With its license to sell WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless power transfer system, DAIHEN is enabling EV market growth and future vehicle autonomy.The WiTricity DRIVE 11 system includes a charging pad that can be mounted on or flush with the ground, and uses WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology to send power to a vehicle parked above it, requiring no cables or moving parts. The DRIVE system has industry-leading charge and efficiency rates, and is capable of charging all vehicle types – from low ground clearance sports cars to high ground clearance SUVs. Carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers and technology providers like WiTricity are cooperating to develop global standards that will enable all vehicles equipped for wireless charging to receive power at any wireless charging station. DAIHEN sees opportunity to supply wireless charging stations for use at private residences, commercial parking lots and public parking facilities.“DAIHEN saw wireless power transfer as a foundational technology for the factory of the future, and as we planned our entrance into the automotive market, we knew that WiTricity’s technology would be a natural and necessary fit,” said Ryohei Tanaka, DAIHEN general manager and chief engineer of research and development. “WiTricity’s technology offers flexible and efficient wireless charging experiences, and its DRIVE 11 system enables us to deliver that experience to the rapidly expanding global EV market.”

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Airborne Wireless Network and Air Lease Corporation Sign MOU for Strategic Marketing Partnership

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 gennaio 2017

los angelesLOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ ACCESSWIRE Airborne Wireless Network (OTCQB: ABWN) and Air Lease Corporation (NYSE: AL), today announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with regards to a strategic marketing partnership for Airborne Wireless Network’s proposed broadband wireless network, trademarked as “Infinitus Super Highway™.”Airborne Wireless Network is developing its “Infinitus Super Highway™,” which contemplates providing a high-speed broadband airborne wireless network by linking commercial aircraft in flight as repeaters, which will send and receive broadband signals from one aircraft to another.Under the terms of the agreement, Air Lease Corporation will act as the exclusive marketing agent and use its extensive network of airline customers to market the “Infinitus Super Highway™” to multiple airline customers throughout the world. Jason T. de Mos, Vice President of Business Development and Aviation Compliance said, “Air Lease Corporation is one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies. We are excited that they are on board to market our system to their worldwide airline customers and to introduce us to manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus with the goal of having our equipment pre-wired on new aircraft. Our collaboration will be a big step toward making our vision a reality, as we believe our airborne digital highway is the logical solution to fill the world’s connectivity void. This partnership is a perfect fit for our strategy and will contribute significantly to the future of Airborne Wireless.”

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VIII Convegno Nazionale su Wireless e Digital Divide

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 Maggio 2012

Sasso Marconi (BO) 24 maggio 2012 ore 9,30 Teatro Comunale di Sasso Marconi Piazza dei Martiri della Liberazione 5. Digital Divide, Agenda Digitale, frequenze per la diffusione della banda larga, soluzioni per la montagna, passaggio a IPv6, bandi nazionali per le città intelligenti. Sono tutti nodi cruciali i temi che verranno affrontati giovedì 24 maggio nel Convegno nazionale sulle tecnologie wireless organizzato da Lepida SpA nell’ambito dei “Radio Days”, che si terrà a Sasso Marconi.
Lepida SpA è la società della Regione Emilia-Romagna che pianifica, sviluppa e gestisce le reti in fibra ottica e wireless delle pubbliche amministrazioni e si occupa di abilitare il territorio per abbattere il digital divide a imprese e cittadini. Al Teatro comunale sfileranno i massimi esperti dei temi in discussione, di grande interesse per imprese, pubbliche amministrazioni e professionisti del settore, in un momento in cui il rapporto pubblico-privato passa dall’auspicabile al necessario. Agenda
Ore 9.30Benvenuto e introduzione
Alfredo Bertelli, Regione Emilia-Romagna
Marco Pondrelli, Provincia di Bologna
Stefano Mazzetti, Città Sasso Marconi
Ore 10.00-11.15
Sessione: Dal Digital Divide all’NGN
Introduce e coordina: Mario Frullone, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
Augusto Preta, ITMedia Consulting
Salvatore Lombardo, Infratel
Sergio Bonora, Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi
Guido Riva, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
Ore 11.15-11.30
Report: Coperture del Digitale Terrestre
Gianluca Gardini, Corecom Emilia-Romagna
Ore 11.30-12.45
Sessione: Agende Digitali dall’Europa alle Locali
Introduce e coordina Gabriele Falciasecca, LepidaSpA e Università di Bologna
Lorenzo Broccoli, Regione Emilia-Romagna
Francesco Sacco, Università Bocconi
Franco Vatalaro, Università Tor Vergata e Presidente Comitato NGN-Agcom
Alberto Trondoli, Metroweb
Ore 14.00-15.15 Sessione: Wireless ed Operatori per una copertura complessiva Introduce e coordina Luca Spada, NGI
Tiziano Maffezzini, Comunità Montana Valtellina di Sondrio
Stefano Costantini, DiRete
Federico Morello, FriuliADD-Panedigitale
Cristoforo Morandini, Between
Ore 15.15-15.30
Walter Vitali, Senato della Repubblica Ore 15.30-16.45
Sessione: IPv6 il servizio del 2012
Gianluca Mazzini, LepidaSpA e Università di Ferrara
Flavio Ferrero, Telecom Italia
Carlo Iantorno, Microsoft
Fabio Palozza, Juniper
Marco Misitano, Cisco
Ore 16.45
Conclusioni Gabriele Falciasecca, Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi

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Ixonos Turns 10,000 Years of Leading Mobile SW Development Expertise

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 febbraio 2012

Barcelona fair 110220082006

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Barcelona, Spain (PRNewswire)Ixonos has over 15 years of experience in mobile software development, working together with companies such as leading device manufacturers and helping them roll out winning devices one after the other. During Mobile World Congress on 27 February – 1 March in Barcelona, Spain, Ixonos introduces a productized service package based on this vast experience. Ixonos Mobile SW Services Suite™ is a collection of services that enables straightforward development of high-quality components ready to be integrated into customers’ wireless devices.To view the Multimedia News Release, please click: The scalable and customizable suite of services benefits from Ixonos’ extensive technology competences and deep understanding of all levels of the mobile software stack. “We conceptualize, design, develop and verify complex software features and deliver high-quality applications, UI features, frameworks and device drivers”, says Kari Liuska, head of Connected Devices at Ixonos. Ixonos’ 10,000 combined years of experience in building world-leading mobility and connectivity solutions means customers can enjoy guaranteed quality and reliability. “Ixonos has provided software components to a number of different customers using different technologies and we have the ability to make the best mobile software on the planet”, says Liuska. “This has enabled us to put a fixed price label on the different components and thus offer our customers better-than-ever predictability”, he adds. To illustrate the power of Ixonos Mobile SW Services Suite, we have created a video that introduces its benefits to a worldwide audience consisting of manufacturers of any form of wireless device. Visitors at Mobile World Congress have a chance to see the video first at Ixonos’ booth: 1E19 in Hall 1 in the Finnish Pavilio

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Brightstar and Teleplan Come Together to Provide an Integrated After Market Solution for OEMs in Brazil

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 febbraio 2012

English: Teleplan Floor

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Miami and Amsterdam (PRNewswire) Brightstar, the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor and a global leader in services and solutions for the wireless industry, and Teleplan, the leading global provider of high-tech end-to-end after-market services for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries, have formed a joint venture which will service Brazil. This agreement will combine the capabilities of the two companies to create a world-class solution with an end-to-end integrated aftermarket supply chain servicing leading manufacturers and their mobile ecosystem. “This agreement will enable Teleplan to expand our end-to-end service solutions and our unique global footprint into Latin America. Brightstar will leverage its reach in Latin America and its local expertise in Brazil while utilizing Teleplan’s ability to manage the after-market complexities involved with mobile devices,” said Gotthard Haug, Chief Executive Officer of Teleplan. “Our combined capabilities and strengths will create a unique and innovative value proposition for consumers, OEMs and operators.”Through the agreement, the joint venture will provide OEMs and operators and their mobile ecosystem with: A single point of contact to solve transportation, advance repair, and retail issues Improved Turn Around Time (TAT) Index, which is the time between a malfunctioning device being received from the consumer to the moment a repaired device is returned to the consumer
An effective management of reverse logistics and repair ecosystem complexities that drives cost reductions for the OEMs and operators customers Peace of mind, knowing all of its aftermarket issues are handled in a manner that reflects positively on its brand, with full protection of the Intellectual Property and consumer privacy
“As more and more consumer electronic devices gain mobile activation, customers will demand a quicker repair solution,” said Marcelo Claure, chairman and CEO of Brightstar. “Bringing Teleplan and Brightstar together now allows us to meet the needs of today’s consumer, as well as create a future platform for their needs tomorrow.”
Brightstar’s services help customers improve the execution of their core business strategy by managing the wireless customer relationship, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing the performance of their supply chains.
Teleplan’s global capabilities in after-market services and solutions help OEMs and operators around the world – and now into this new region – in increasing their customer’s brand loyalty.
Brightstar is the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor and a leading global services company focused on enhancing the performance and profitability of the key participants in the wireless device value chain. The company supports over 80,000 points of sale worldwide with operations in 51 countries and territories and provides a comprehensive range of more than 100 customized services for value-added distribution, supply chain optimization, retail, government and VARs, and consumer services. Brightstar’s services help customers manage the growing complexity of the wireless device value chain and enable them to increase product availability, expand their channel reach and drive supply chain efficiencies by getting the right products to the right place at the right time for the best value. For more information on Brightstar, please visit
Teleplan International N.V. is one of the top suppliers of high-tech after-market services and provides total lifecycle care solutions for the world of Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics (“3Cs”). The lifecycle care concept ranges from simple repairs to the most sophisticated technological and electronic solutions. Headquartered in Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, Teleplan currently operates from 24 sites in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia with approximately 5,300 employees. For further information please visit:

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CommScope and Italian Operators Make Rome Metro Phone Call

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 gennaio 2012

Mappa della Metropolitana di Roma

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“HICKORY, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The long-anticipated wiring of the Rome Metro’s passenger trains and stations for wireless coverage is becoming a reality. CommScope, Inc., a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has been chosen by Italian operators Telecom Italia, Vodafone, WIND and H3G to provide and install a multi-operator, multi-band cellular coverage solution throughout the Rome Metro that will extend reliable wireless signals to passengers and staff throughout the system’s stations and passenger trains. The CommScope solution, featuring its ION-M optical distributed antenna system and HELIAX® transmission lines, will enable Rome’s citizens, visitors and tourists to enjoy reliable voice and data wireless services while riding on the Metro, including in tunnels and in stations. The three-phase project is expected to be completed in late 2012. “CommScope has an extensive history of providing wireless coverage and capacity solutions for metropolitan railways worldwide, including several in Italy,” said Samuel Buttarelli, sales director, Wireless Innovations, CommScope. “We are pleased to support the Italian mobile operators with the technology and expertise to enable them to deploy much-needed wireless coverage for their customers on the Rome Metro.” Wireless operators are faced with many challenges in providing service along railways, including tunnels and stations that block or restrict signals, high speed trains that complicate cellular hand-offs, and smartphone users who expect constant access to data services while onboard. Such demands typically require dedicated coverage and capacity solutions to ensure access for commuters and sufficient network capacity for operators. The project will enable 2G and 3G voice and data services for customers of Telecom Italia, Vodafone, WIND and H3G utilizing the GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS frequencies utilized by the operators. “Multi-operator, multi-frequency band, and multi-technology standard are common scenarios when working on train projects such as these,” Buttarelli said. “Despite the complexities of providing wireless coverage in moving trains, narrow tunnels and enclosed stations, CommScope expects to quickly implement a successful solution with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure—resulting in greater passenger satisfaction and more loyalty to our operator customers.” CommScope previously completed a similar project that brought reliable wireless coverage to the metro system in Turin, and furnished equipment for wireless coverage in the Milan metro. ION is an easy-to-scale, fiber-based coverage and capacity solution for indoor and outdoor applications, available in multiple power levels with a unique multi-band, multi-operator platform. CommScope’s off-air repeaters include a full line of pico and micro class RF enhancers and macro class digital nodes. CommScope’s repeaters provide RF signals for wide area coverage through antennas and are self-diagnosing, self-adaptive and available in multiple power classes. CommScope is a world leader in providing coverage and capacity system solutions, including ION™ distributed antennas systems, Node series repeaters, HELIAX® coaxial cable, RADIAX® leaky cables, CellMax® indoor antennas and other passive components. CommScope, through its Andrew Solutions portfolio, has nearly 30 years of experience in providing, installing and managing complex radio signal distribution systems for railway tracks, large-scale buildings, radio operators and telephone operators around the world. Major projects have included the ICE high speed train line in Germany; metro rails in Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Montreal; major venues such as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and World Cup 2010 stadiums, and numerous international airports. About CommScope CommScope ( has played a role in virtually all the world’s best communication networks. We create the infrastructure that connects people and technologies through every evolution. Our portfolio of end-to-end solutions includes critical infrastructure our customers need to build high-performing wired and wireless networks. As much as technology changes, our goal remains the same: to help our customers create, innovate, design, and build faster and better. We’ll never stop connecting and evolving networks for the business of life at home, at work, and on the go. This press release includes forward-looking statements that are based on information currently available to management, management’s beliefs, as well as on a number of assumptions concerning future events. Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties and other factors, which could cause the actual results to differ materially from those currently expected. In providing forward-looking statements, the company does not intend, and is not undertaking any obligation or duty, to update these statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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Network Monitoring Systems – Mercato in Forte Ripresa

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 febbraio 2011

Dalle metropolitane agli uffici, dai banchi di scuola alle aule del Parlamento, tramite gli schermi touch delle nuove generazioni di smart phones, milioni di utenti in tutto il mondo comunicano tra loro con continui upload e download di contenuti. Tutto questo sistema e’ regolato dai Network Monitoring Systems ed i Wireless Protocol Analyzers che testano la frequenza degli scambi d’informazione e ne controllano la qualità per un flusso ottimale delle comunicazioni. Frost & Sullivan ha recentemente analizzato questo mercato e pubblicato uno studio intitolato ‘World Wireless Protocol Analyzers and Network Monitoring Systems Market’, in cui si prevede una consistente ripresa del settore e si stima un fatturato superiore agli 850 milioni di dollari nel prossimo quinquennio, con una crescita annua che potrebbe sfiorare il 6%. Un mercato enorme, dunque, in cui l’Italia gioca e giochera’ un ruolo di primo piano. A dettare legge nel rinnovato sviluppo dei Network Monitoring Systems è la telefonia mobile, che conferma la scommessa di colossi come Microsoft, Apple, Samsung e Nokia. Ci si riferisce in questo caso più generalmente al trasferimento di dati in mobilità rappresentato dagli apparecchi  3G attualmente in commercio e di quelli 4G.Nel 2010 l’Italia, con 123 milioni di contratti di telefonia mobile, occupava il secondo posto in Europa dopo la Germania che ne registrava, invece, 129 milioni (i due Paesi insieme si dividono il il 42% dei contratti di telefonia mobile europea). Questi numeri, destinati a crescere ad un tasso del 9% nei prossimi cinque anni, sono legati in modo chiaro ai nuovi usi degli apparecchi un tempo definiti telefonici.
Frost & Sullivan, la Growth Partnership Company, lavora in stretta collaborazione con i propri clienti per aiutarli ad accelerare la loro crescita e a raggiungere risultati di rilievo in termini di crescita, innovazione e leadership di mercato. Il Growth Partnership Service di Frost & Sullivan offre ai manager e ai loro team una serie di strumenti quali ricerche e modelli di best practice che permettono l’identificazione, la valutazione e l’implementazione di significative strategie di crescita. Frost & Sullivan ha oltre 50 anni di esperienza maturata lavorando per conto e in collaborazione con importanti societa’ a livello globale fra cui le prime 1000, aziende emergenti e investitori e vanta una rete di piu’ di 40 uffici in cinque continenti. Per far parte della nostra Growth Partnership, si prega di visitare il sito

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Brightpoint Announces Re-Entry Into Poland

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 gennaio 2011

Brightpoint, Inc. (Nasdaq:CELL), a global leader in providing supply chain solutions to the wireless industry, today announced that it has re-entered Poland as Brightpoint Poland Sp. z o.o. (“Brightpoint”). Brightpoint will expand its industry-leading wireless supply chain service capabilities to serve its partners in Poland. The release of new and highly sophisticated wireless devices, coupled with over-the-air technology and a faster mobile network with larger bandwidth, requires broader value-added services for customers throughout Poland. Brightpoint will offer its customers in this region expanded product and service offerings including an advanced E-toolbox with white label web shops and procurement services with forecast and demand planning tools. Brightpoint will also focus on developing the mobile business for its channel and vendor partners.
Brightpoint, Inc. (Nasdaq:CELL) is a global leader in providing supply chain solutions to leading stakeholders in the wireless industry. In 2009, Brightpoint handled approximately 84 million wireless devices globally. Brightpoint’s innovative services include distribution channel management, procurement, inventory management, software loading, kitting and customized packaging, fulfillment, product customization, eBusiness solutions, and other outsourced services that integrate seamlessly with its customers. Brightpoint’s effective and efficient platform allows its customers to benefit from quickly deployed, flexible, and cost effective solutions. The company has approximately 4,000 employees in more than 25 countries. In 2009, Brightpoint generated revenue of $3.2 billion. Brightpoint provides distribution and customized services to more than 25,000 B2B customers worldwide. Additional information about Brightpoint can be found on its website at, or by calling its toll-free Information and Investor Relations line at 877-IIR-CELL (877-447-2355).
Apricus BiosciencesApricus Biosciences Reports Additional Analysis Showing That MycoVa(TM) is as Effective for the Treatment of Nail Fungus as the Current European Standard of Care for Topical Therapy, Loceryl(R)
San Diego Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (“Apricus Bio”) (Nasdaq:APRI) announced that an additional analysis conducted on behalf of the Company has shown that MycoVa™ has successfully demonstrated ‘non-inferiority’ for the treatment of onychomycosis (commonly referred to as nail fungus), compared to the current standard of care in Europe for topical therapy, Loceryl®.
MycoVa™(formally known as NM100060) combines an existing, approved drug for nail fungus, terbinafine, with Apricus’ NexACT® technology that enhances the absorption of the drug through the skin. Clinical trials on the drug started after 2005, when NexMed (now known as Apricus Bio) signed an agreement with Novartis, under which Novartis assumed responsibility to develop and commercialize the drug.
The first clinical trials did not show clear-cut efficacy, and in 2008, NexMed announced that the results were not strong enough to support filing for new drug approval with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Novartis declined to continue to develop the drug in 2009, and NexMed acquired the worldwide rights to the drug, subject to certain payments to be made to Novartis.
In the study, 1,029 patients with mild to moderate nail fungus were given either MycoVa™ (a topical 10% terbinafine hydrogen chloride formulation) or Loceryl® (5% amorolfine nail lacquer) for 48 weeks of treatment. The primary objective endpoint was a complete cure. The secondary endpoints were killing the fungus and improving the appearance of the nail.
The advantage of Apricus Bio’s MycoVa™ is that it is easy to apply, thus improving patient compliance. MycoVa™ is applied to the infected nails, typically at bedtime, with minimal preparation, such as simply washing with soap and water. As described by Iorizzo and Piraccini (2007), the incidence has been increasing due to diabetes, immunosuppression and an aging population. While occurring in approximately 2.6% of children younger than 18 years, it occurs in as much as 90% of the elderly population ( As of 2008, Thomson Reuters Pharma has stated that the worldwide market is approximately $2.8 billion in size and is expected to grow to approximately $2.9 billion by 2014.
Backed by NexMed, USA and Bio-Quant, Inc., its revenue generating CRO business, Apricus Bio has leveraged the flexibility of its clinically-validated NexACT® drug delivery technology to enable multi-route administration of new and improved compounds across numerous therapeutic classes. Future growth is expected to be driven primarily through out-licensing of this technology for the development and commercialization of such compounds to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, worldwide. Concurrently, the Company is seeking to monetize its existing product pipeline, including its approved drug erectile dysfunction treatment, Vitaros®, as well as compounds in development from pre-clinical through Phase 3, currently focused on dermatology, sexual dysfunction and cancer.

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Cisco presenta Application Velocity

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 ottobre 2010

Cisco ha annunciato di aver ampliato le proprie soluzioni di networking in termini di prestazioni e virtualizzazione grazie alla disponibilità di un nuovo servizio di rete, Application Velocity.  Questo servizio, integrato nella gamma Cisco® Integrated Services Routers, è l’elemento portante dell’architettura Cisco Borderless Network. E’ di fondamentale importanza che le organizzazioni si dotino delle più recenti innovazioni tecnologiche per le infrastrutture cloud, ambienti virtual desktop e integrazione wired wireless.   Le aziende distribuiscono le applicazioni ad un numero sempre maggiore di dispositivi mobile intelligenti che risiedono in luoghi diversi e proprio per questo motivo hanno l’esigenza di riunire i data center, le reti e gli endpoint in un sistema integrato che sia in grado di fornire dati multimediali ad alta qualità senza dover rinunciare alle prestazioni. E Application Velocity permette esattamente tutto ciò, fornendo una serie di innovazioni integrate nella piattaforma Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 che abilitano un’esperienza utente ottimale con qualsiasi applicazione, in qualsiasi momento e su qualunque dispositivo. Grazie ad Application Velocity, i dipartimenti IT delle aziende sono in grado di soddisfare gli SLA (service-level agreements) nell’implementazione di servizi cloud innovativi e nuove tecnologie come ad esempio i desktop virtuali o il consolidamento dei data center.
Application Velocity fornisce visibilità e controllo completo delle applicazioni, disponibilità pervasiva della funzionalità di accelerazione dell’applicazione e di ottimizzazione WAN con adattabilità in tempo reale, e totale affidabilità dell’applicazione. Sono inoltre disponibili servizi professionali Cisco che permettono alle aziende di pianificare, creare e rendere operative soluzioni sicure e altamente scalabili per velocizzare l’adozione di servizi di rete Application Velocity. In questa versione, Cisco ha incluso numerose nuove tecnologie Application Velocity progettate per migliorare l’esperienza applicativa, la capacità di sopravvivenza della rete e le soluzioni Cisco per il data center e l’utente.

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Sicurezza cibernetica

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 aprile 2010

Bruxelles e Heraklion, Grecia, In seguito alla comunicazione della Commissione Europea sul Piano d’azione IoT per l’Europa, l’agenzia per la “sicurezza cibernetica” dell’UE ENISA(Agenzia europea per la sicurezza delle reti e dell’informazione) ha analizzato i rischi associati allo scenario futuro del viaggio aereo in cui sarà abilitata la tecnologia IoT (“Internet of things”) /RFID. Lo studio identifica importanti rischi per la sicurezza e implicazioni per la privacy, sociali e legali, e fa anche concrete raccomandazioni politiche, di ricerca e legali.  IoT è una visione dove tutte le cose prodotte sono connesse l’una all’altra tramite le reti di comunicazione wireless o cablate. Il movimento dei viaggiatori, dello staff aeroportuale e dei bagagli crea un’interazione continua tra dispositivi intelligenti. Implica anche la condivisione di quantità significative di informazioni sensibili. Ogni giorno in Europa vengono effettuati circa 28.000 voli (cioè circa 10 milioni all’anno), per cui l’importanza del viaggio aereo è facilmente comprensibile. Il direttore esecutivo di ENISA, Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, commenta sullo studio:  Tre raccomandazioni di politica: 1. Riconsiderare le strutture di business esistenti e introdurre nuovi modelli di business. Gli attori del trasporto aereo (per es. linee aeree, aeroporti, logistica, agenzie di sicurezza per l’aviazione, ecc.) devono fare attenzione ai nuovi modelli di business. 2. Facilità d’uso e inclusione di dispositivi, processi e procedure – dobbiamo essere completi. 3. Sviluppare e adottare procedure per la gestione e la protezione dei dati  Cinque raccomandazioni per la ricerca: 1. Protezione e privacy dei dati. 2. Usabilità. 3. Autenticazione multimodale delle persone, per es. procedure biometriche. 4. Proposta di standard di protocollo di crittografia semplici, e 5. Gestione della fiducia come considerazione centrale: un’impresa deve comprendere la propria struttura fiduciaria.  Tre raccomandazioni legali: 1. Supporto per gli utenti, per es. affinché i titolari di dati esercitino meglio i loro diritti. 2. Legare molto valore alle informazioni e ai dati. 3. Armonizzazione della raccolta di dati da parte dei negozi aeroportuali e impegno per rendere i viaggiatori più consapevoli della raccolta ed elaborazione di dati. I rischi identificati includono per es.: l’insuccesso delle procedure del viaggio aereo, la frustrazione dei passeggeri e un basso consenso sociale, perdita/violazione della privacy dei cittadini/passeggeri ed esclusione sociale.

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Nuovi investimenti nel “mobile”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 giugno 2009

IBM ha annunciato un’importante iniziativa di ricerca, che comporterà investimenti significativi nell’arco dei prossimi cinque anni, per promuovere  servizi e  funzionalità “mobile”  per le imprese e i consumatori. Grazie a questo impegno, IBM intende contribuire a introdurre  nuova intelligenza  per rendere più efficienti le attività aziendali e la vita quotidiana delle persone. Le tre aree principali di questi investimenti sono: supporto all’impresa, mobilità nei mercati emergenti ed esperienze  per gli utenti finali aziendali. Aspetti centrali del lavoro di ricerca saranno: tecniche di analisi, sicurezza, privacy e interfaccia utente, navigazione.  Basso costo, elevata larghezza di banda, accesso wireless e potenza di elaborazione delle informazioni simile a quella del PC stanno accelerando la realizzazione della promessa del telefono cellulare come piattaforma ideale per accedere ai servizi informativi.  Un esempio delle potenzialità della mobilità è offerto da un recente progetto pilota realizzato nell’ambito di un programma IBM, che ha utilizzato una tecnologia denominata “BlueStar”.  Il progetto ha consentito a una compagnia di assicurazioni di ridurre significativamente il tempo richiesto per elaborare le richieste di risarcimento, sfruttando la tecnologia mobile per localizzare e inviare i liquidatori idonei e disponibili per ciascun caso.  Questo approccio alle informazioni di configurazione, basato sulle politiche aziendali, per il personale “mobile” ha semplificato la manutenzione dei prodotti-servizi mobili. Anziché avere le informazioni disperse su centinaia – se non migliaia – di dispositivi  palmari, le informazioni dopo il breve provisioning da un server centrale possono essere meglio monitorate, aggiornate e protette.
Per l’83 per cento del mondo che non ha facile accesso al web tramite i PC, IBM aiuta gli utenti della telefonia mobile a diventare più produttivi. IBM Research ha creato un programma pilota nell’India meridionale, che consente a persone quali agricoltori, tecnici riparatori, piccoli imprenditori e consumatori di inviare, recuperare o scambiare informazioni tempestive tramite voce sui telefoni cellulari. Inserire e accedere alle informazioni, ed elaborare le transazioni, come prenotazioni o pagamenti, è facile come parlare in un dispositivo mobile. In nove mesi di attività, il programma pilota ha ricevuto commenti entusiastici dagli utenti.  La tecnologia consente inoltre ai product manager di analizzare le abitudini e i segmenti delle popolazioni di clienti potenziali ed esistenti e quindi adattare campagne di marketing mobile online su misura per tali target.  La divisione Ricerca della IBM coinvolge  circa 3.000 persone che operano in otto centri di Ricerca; IBM ha inoltre più di 20.000 sviluppatori software in 75 laboratori di 18 paesi.

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