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Virtusa Improves Field Force Worker Efficiency with Augmented Reality and AI

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 dicembre 2019

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ GS:VRTU), a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions that help clients change and disrupt markets through innovation engineering, today announced new capabilities, including augmented reality (AR) based test and diagnostic capabilities to improve the efficiency of field force workers and help them improve customer service while reducing average handling time.Traditional Communications Service Providers (CSPs), wireless providers, internet, cable, and satellite operators, along with other managed service providers, typically have a large contractor-based field force that must be trained to diagnose and make repairs using a massive portfolio of products and equipment. Virtusa’s Smart Field Force Management Platform addresses these issues by helping technicians quickly locate problems with minimal training. Using AI, the platform provides guided resolution paths for frequently encountered issues. The application is able to automatically co-relate and initiate diagnostic tests based on the type of issues reported. Using machine learning, the system is being trained to recognize 20,000 different devices. This allows field engineers to diagnose problems with minimal training. Automated job closure notes allow better capturing of issue resolution in the field, which in turn enables better analytics for the product teams to improve product performance and capability over time. Using the new Virtusa Smart Field Force Management Platform, CSPs can expect: More Efficient Workforce – Using route optimization and remote test and diagnostic capabilities to reduce field operations by 60 percent, while delivering 30 percent improvement in service engineer efficiency by identifying the main fault location and common faults.

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Digital Technology to Improve Worker Safety in Crane Operations

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 settembre 2019

An innovative digital safeguard for crane operations designed by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and Chevron received the 2019 EHS Most Innovative Award in Oil & Gas at the EHS Innovation Awards 2019 of the independent research firm Verdantix in Atlanta.Known as CraneTagz, the system increases workers’ awareness of heavy equipment, including crane and forklift operations, providing visual and audio alerts to operators and workers who get too close to these hazards. Using ultra-wideband tracking (UWB) technology, CraneTagz determines the position of a worker wearing a special badge with an accuracy of six inches. Telemetry sensors also determine the position of crane loads to ensure safe work distances. The system emerged from collaboration between Accenture and Chevron, including design-thinking workshops and rapid prototyping at Accenture’s Innovation Hub in Houston. There, discussions by industry subject matter experts and an internet of things engineer led to the idea of marrying UWB with telemetry sensors, which are at the heart of the solution.

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The anti-trafficking network COATNET will meet in Madrid next week to discuss trafficking for labour exploitation and domestic servitude

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 gennaio 2014

caritasCOATNET comprises 37 Christian organisations – many of which are Caritas member organisations – and works on advocacy, awareness raising and international cooperation to help people who are trafficked and promote legal instruments to counteract and prevent trafficking.Najla Chahda, director of the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre, says, “Forced labour and trafficking are very closely linked and have at their roots social injustice. People working dirty, dangerous and demanding jobs belong to the most vulnerable segments of the population and are often migrants. It is essential to address labour exploitation as a whole while fighting against trafficking.”
The International Labour Organization (ILO) says almost 21 million people globally are victims of forced labour. The sectors where they’re most at risk are domestic work, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and entertainment.
Speaking to ambassadors at the Vatican in 2013, Pope Francis said, “Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. We must join forces to free the victims and stop this increasingly aggressive crime which threatens, in addition to individuals, the founding values of society as well as international security and justice, and the economy, family structure and social life itself.”Caritas Internationalis facilitates and supports the work of COATNET. The Madrid meeting will discuss issues such as the legal accompaniment of trafficking cases for domestic servitude, instruments to combat labour exploitation and advocating for the ratification of the domestic workers’ convention from a migrant’s perspective.The network has members in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and Africa and runs the website ( with the list of hotlines and contact information of its members.

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