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eClinicalWorks Announces Partnership with Care UK to Integrate WellWatch and healow Platform

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 ottobre 2018

eClinicalWorks®, a leader in healthcare IT solutions, today announces a partnership with Care UK, the United Kingdom’s largest independent provider of health and social care, to provide the capability to integrate data from WellWatch™, a smart watch, directly into the company’s healow™ (Health & Online Wellness) mobile app, promoting an independent and healthy lifestyle. The integration will empower Care UK’s WellWatch customers, creating a unique monitoring system underpinned by an unrivalled 24/7/365 clinical telephony service.The healow mobile app is fully integrated with eClinicalWorks, giving the Care UK support team direct access to the patient-recorded data from WellWatch. The WellWatch sends data to a set of algorithms in the cloud, generating alerts for the support team to triage and act upon, if, for example if a patient falls or has an elevated heart rate. Care UK will use eClinicalWorks as the core workflow system, and to provide a monitoring dashboard for all WellWatch subscribers. Using the system, care teams can deliver personalized support to customers and peace of mind to their relatives and loved ones.“Care UK is dedicated to enabling people to live healthier, more independent and more fulfilling lives,” said Barry Nee, Chief Information Officer of Care UK. “When we launch in the UK in 2019, WellWatch will track the wearer’s health and well-being through real-time monitoring. We aim to use the technology to give our customers and their families confidence and a sense of guardianship, by generating actionable insights that our support teams can monitor and act upon in real-time. We are excited to be working with eClinicalWorks. We have a shared vision to put the person at the center of our services. The eClinicalWorks system allows us to extend the value of WellWatch and helps our customers to gain an increased sense of independence and peace of mind.”


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