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Pope Francis in US Congress: Greenpeace reaction

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 settembre 2015

papa_woirIn reaction to Pope Francis’ address to the United States Joint Session of Congress this morning, Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA made the following statement:“His Holiness Pope Francis’ words today are a rallying call for everyone to set aside partisan politics, and focus on what unites us, through open dialogue.””Pope Francis said in his speech, ‘We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all.’ Living up to these responsibilities means personally taking action to prevent the worst of climate change, and every one of us has a valuable contribution to make as we work to create a clean and safe energy future with justice for all people at its core.” “We all share responsibility for the same planet, and the duty to act on behalf of those who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, who have contributed less to its causes, and who have less capacity and resources to adapt.”“The pope’s leadership in calling for climate justice is truly inspiring. No one understands the devastating effects of human appetite for fossil fuels better than the vulnerable communities impacted by pollution from coal, fracking and oil production, or living in the wake of typhoons, droughts and hurricanes.””President Obama must have the support of Congress to take bold global action on climate change. Only then can the United States step up as a leader in Paris to speed up the necessary switch to renewable energy and protect the lives and livelihoods of impacted communities at home and around the world.”“Pope Francis said ‘Now is the time for courageous actions and strategies.’ This is a challenge for Congress and President Obama to show true courage and move beyond what is politically possible to what is scientifically necessary.”


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