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Sixth year for: “You are not an enemy!”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 novembre 2018

At the Università Europea di Roma (the European University of Rome) the sixth year of the Communication Workshop activity has started, entitled “You are not an enemy!”, established by the journalist Carlo Climati.
The goal of the Workshop is to make youngsters aware that there is a new way of communicating based on dialogue and serene reception of others without considering them enemies.
The workshop, theoretical and practical, is part of the social responsibility activity of the Università Europea di Roma. It explores the various ways to communicate in today’s world ranging from journalism to social networks, from music to radio-broadcasting, from tv-broadcasting to daily life dialogue.
“You are not an enemy!” is the motto, i.e. the catch phrase of the Workshop. Youngsters are encouraged to see others with a new glance, to create communication languages representing a link with everyone, thereby contributing to breaking walls, obstacles, suspicion and distrust. “You often think that communication is based upon torrent of words and opinions. Actually, the basic rule of good communication is not to be able to talk but to listen,” Carlo Climati stated. “Each human being is praiseworthy . Meeting and listening to him, means to open one’s heart to a genuine communication nourished by a serene dialogue.”
However, to do this, we need to defeat the non-culture of prejudice. It is that feeling which leads us not to communicate with others because, inside us, we have already judged and labelled them putting them aside and sending them away.
Very often we have this type of attitude, withdrawing from our fellow neighbour. We don’t approach him because he has different ideas from ours. God knows what he might have that causes us to have a prejudice against him. “The prejudice is a terrible thing because, as the word itself says, it is a pre-judgement. A judgement expressed before knowing the person really, before hugging each other and looking into one’s eyes,” Carlo Climati explained.
“Sometimes, the prejudice can be a death sentence, because it kills communication, dialogue, and the possibility of finding a new friend. This is how walls are built as well as wars, silence, and unsolved conflicts of daily life. Defeating prejudices means to find our most genuine nature to communicate as human beings, serenely ready to welcome and to dialogue with everyone.”


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