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Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 marzo 2010

In a report published 22 February 2010, the Science and Technology Committee of  the United Kingdom House of Commons concludes that homeopathy is not efficacious (that is, it does not work beyond the placebo effect), that explanations for  why homeopathy would work are scientifically implausible and that further clinical  trials of homeopathy could not be justified. Furthermore, it concludes that the NHS should cease funding homeopathy and that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) should no longer license homeopathic medicines. Remarkably, just 4 of the 14 members of the Science and Technology Committee  voted on this report: 3 for, one against. One of its three signatories has stridently campaigned against homeopathy and continued to do so even in the period between  the hearings and the publication of the report. The European Committee for Homeopathy ECH and the International Homeopathic Medical League LMHI find the conclusions and recommendations of the Science and
Technology Committee completely unfounded. The report is highly tendentious and fundamentally flawed, consistently misrepresenting the scientific evidence to the  detriment of homeopathy and making unfounded and pejorative allegations against those who advocate or practise homeopathy. The report omits or misrepresents any evidence which challenges the view that homeopathy is a placebo response.  The report ignores large areas of evidence which were mentioned in written submissions and oral evidence such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses of  randomised controlled trials of homeopathy for specific conditions and groups of  conditions, and systematic reviews of biological models of homeopathic responses.  The evidence suggests that homeopathy is effective in a number of specific conditions, and there are a number of reproducible biological models of  homeopathy.

Una Risposta a “Homeopathy”

  1. Gil Milano said

    Magic is science that we do not yet understand. Just because today’s scientific establishment does not understand how a substance (distilled water, sugar, alcohol or vinegar) which does NOT contain ANY active ingredients (or only minute quantities) could possibly work.

    The human body is surrounded by an aura, a bioenergetic field, as can for be documented through Kirlian photography for example. (Now don’t tell me that Kirlian photography has anything to do with temperature or humidity, that has been disproven) A completely healthy person has a very strong beautiful aura. A sick person has a damaged aura. Physical health seems to be governed by our aura field. Oftentimes the aura displays damages that have not yet materialized in the physical body. (Talk about an early recognition system) Until the energetic damage has been repaired, the disease will keep coming back. An infection can be successfully addressed with antibiotics. However the energetic reasons for which the infection could occur in the first place will not be addressed. Hence the energetic problems continue to exist. Therefore it is only a matter of time and exposure to the right kinds of germs or viruses for the infection to return. Homeopathy addresses that root cause. It does so by using the right kinds of frequencies to heal the energetic field of that person. Ahh, so the substances I discussed at the beginning are merely suitable CARRIERS for those frequencies.
    I am not an extremist, I am not saying that an acute infection should not be addressed with antibiotics (once more gentle methods should no longer seem viable) all I am saying is do not forget to address the energetic problem as well. Since changing the energetic field of a person can take anywhere from several weeks to several months, a patient with an acute infection could be dead by the time Homeopathy starts to work. Therefore I do believe that doctors in the 22nd century will be using both allopathic and alternative medicine, that distinction will likely no longer be made by then.
    If we wanted to dig even deeper, we could also ask what caused the energetic problems. Oftentimes, it has psychological causes deep in the subconcious mind. This view is also shared by Chinese medicine, which talks about blocked emotions which prevent subtle energies from flowing. Now we are touching on a field that is recognized by allopathic medicine, it is the whole psychosomatic phenomenon… So for the benefit of humanity, let us work together instead of against each other!


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