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The Augmentation of Female Influence in the Automotive Industry

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 ottobre 2014

milanoMILAN. Latest research reveals that women are progressively dominating the car-buying process. With an increase in licences issued to women, there are now more women than men on the road in the United States, a trend that is also being forecasted for Europe. However, 50% of women globally are dissatisfied with their vehicles, while 74% of women feel they are misunderstood by car manufacturers. Frost & Sullivan’s upcoming analyst briefing will address what this growth in power for female car customers means, an understanding of its immense potential, and how industry players should respond. The briefing will benefit Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are eager to learn about key global statistics on women driving and vehicle purchasing, participants along the entire automotive value chain, as well as automotive suppliers and retailers. The briefing will discuss the impact of the female consumer on the automotive industry, in addition to the identification of prospective technology trends and the inherent market and business opportunities created by the rising power of the female consumer. Key questions such as, What do women want in a car?, and What does female empowerment mean for the automotive industry?, will be heeded by Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Senior Consultant Olivia Price-Walker and Frost & Sullivan Automotive & Transportation Vice President Lisa Whalen on October 21, 2014. Women are set to become a larger and more influential consumer segment than men, driving OEMs to launch specific models targeting women. “As women become the dominant car buying segment, auto makers and suppliers need to change their product development strategy”, advises Olivia Price-Walker, Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Senior Consultant. “The rise of the female car purchaser is impacting OEM strategy and broadening some car categories. We believe OEMs will win by developing products and strategies that are directed at women.” As a matter of fact, OEMs like Nissan, Ford, and Volkswagen have already begun aiming new vehicle models at women. Smaller city cars started the trend followed by traditionally male categories such as luxury and SUVs. Simultaneously, OEMs are reacting to the global mega trend for health and fitness, by equipping vehicles with climate control systems for fine dust and ionising systems to filter out viruses and spores, high quality interior panelling, and ergonomic seating.


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