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Caritas Internationalis on World Refugee Day: the dignity and rights of every displaced cannot be ignored

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 giugno 2022

Every person has the fundamental right to seek and enjoy asylum, and on World Refugee Day 2022, Caritas Internationalis is raising its voice and expressing concern about the lack of international solidarity in welcoming refugees and asylum seekers without discrimination. The calls for safety and for a life in dignity for the refugees has mostly remained unheard, and Caritas Internationalis will not be deaf to the cry of the poor of our world or be silent about their plight and their resilience in rebuilding their lives.In the first months of 2022, more than 100 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide due to persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations, and climate disasters, the highest levels of displacement on record. Today we see also how these factors become co-causes of displacements and cannot be considered separately. From 2019-to 2021, more than 8,436 migrants, including asylum seekers, have lost their lives, and 5,534 migrants have gone missing in transit. In addition, the safety, dignity, and human rights of asylum seekers are at risk due to agreements that created physical and legal walls through the externalisation of regional border controls and outsourced asylum processes. Through the Humanitarian Corridors, European, Middle East, and African Caritas Confederation Members have assisted, jointly with other faith-based organizations, vulnerable asylum seekers fleeing from conflicts and violence to reach safe destinations and welcoming communities where they can restart their lives. They have advocated for rescue and safe and secure disembarkation of people at risk of their lives in the Mediterranean and all across the world. Through these actions, Caritas Confederation stands with refugees and asylum seekers to save their lives and nurture a culture of encounter, non-discrimination and sharing. Providing all refugees and asylum seekers with access to basic services, vocational training and work opportunities both in the countries of transit and of destination, without any discrimination, is key to restore their dignity and their aspiration for a peaceful life. This is evident in the dedicated work of Caritas staff and volunteers who, in the wake of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, were ready at the borders to support the thousands of vulnerable people fleeing in search of safety in neighboring countries. Caritas also stands by those who find themselves obliged to live for long periods in precarious settings like refugee camps. Caritas South Sudan and Caritas Uganda are particularly active in refugee and IDPs camps with educational programs and distribution of pieces of land to refugees living in camps, in collaboration with UNHCR, to allow them to restart living from their work. In Jordan, where 83% of Syrian refugees currently reside, Caritas are working in collaboration with the government to find sustainable humanitarian solutions to alleviate the burdens faced by millions of men, women and children who are victims of war. It is important to keep before our eyes the face, story and pain of each person affected by conflicts and violence, fleeing their home to seek safety. Therefore, Caritas Internationalis wishes to recall on this World Refugee Day the fundamental right of everyone to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution in other countries, as enshrined in article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in line with the 1951 Convention.


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